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Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Cluster

The equipment manufacturing industrial cluster is also a key industrial cluster under the Group. Its business scope covers ship building, repair and conversion, offshore equipment manufacturing, and others. The Group’s equipment manufacturing business is mainly managed by COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd. and COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company. China COSCO Shipping Group is the largest ship repair enterprise, a shipyard with leading technologies and an offshore equipment manufacturer receiving the most orders in China. Currently, the Group is committed to sharpening its leading edge in terms of core technologies and market share in offshore equipment and ship manufacturing and other related fields.

COSCO Shipyard

Founded in June 2001, COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group specializing in large vessels building, marine engineering construction, conversion and repair, and providing supporting ship equipment. It has been hailed as “China’s No. 1 ship repair enterprise” and “China’s largest FPSO modification manufactory”. The company has designed and delivered the world’s first cylinder type ultra-deepwater offshore oil drilling platform SEVAN DRILLER, the world’s first jack-up offshore platform SUPER M2 with a self-propelled power system, and China’s first ultra-deepwater offshore pipe-laying ship “Julius Caesar” refitted from a marine cable-laying ship. With 350,000 barrels of FSO and other international cutting-edge products, COSCO Shipyard has rapidly entered into the high-end offshore market and become the preferred partner for top shipping companies and offshore oil service providers in the world.

COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd            


COSCO Shipbuilding

Founded in December 1993, COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company is a large enterprise group that focuses on shipbuilding, ship equipment and steel structure and includes offshore equipment manufacturing and other businesses. With advanced shipbuilding technologies in China, it has built various types of ships, including bulk carriers of 47,000-55,000 DWT, 5,400 TEU, 300,000 DWT VLCC, 5,000 PCC, 6,200 PCC, 10,000 TEU, 13,000 TEU, and 300,000 DWT VLOC.

COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company


China Shipping Industry

Founded in June 1998, China Shipping Industry is a key player in domestic shipping industry. After years of development, its product structure has shifted from single ship repair to diversified development of the primary businesses including ship repair, conversion and building as well as the sideline businesses including supporting equipment for ship repair, aluminum alloy high-speed boat building, etc.

China Shipping Industry Co.,Ltd            

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