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Logistics Industrial Cluster

The logistics industrial cluster is another core industrial cluster of the Group. It includes project logistics, specialized and general cargo transportation, freight forwarding, storage facilities, multimodal transport, vessel agency, tally, etc. Currently, the Group is tapping into and fostering logistics business with core advantages to build a world-class integrated logistics service provider.

Integrated logistics business

The integrated logistics business is mainly managed by China COSCO Logistics Co., Ltd. and China Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd. With a service network spreading across China and radiating the world, it can provide one-stop logistics solutions for domestic and overseas customers in such business areas as project logistics, home appliance logistics, e-logistics, air logistics, chemical logistics, exhibition logistics, power electronics, supply chain management, freight forwarding services for ocean and air transportation.

China COSCO Logistics Co., Ltd

China Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd

Specialized and general cargo transportation

The specialized and general cargo shipping business is mainly managed by COSCO Shipping Co., Ltd. Multipurpose heavy-lifting vessels and semi-submersible ships are mostly used and supplemented with asphalt ships, timber carriers and car carriers to provide one-stop logistics solutions to engineering equipment/heavy-cargo transportation. The capacity ranks first in the world.

COSCO Shipping Co., Ltd

Vessel agency

The shipping agency business is mainly managed by China Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd., (PENAVICO) and China Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. It has service outlets nationwide and claims the biggest market share in China. Based on its nine regional companies in Hong Kong, the Americas, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Australia, South Korea, West Asia and Africa, the Group has established a global agency network covering 200 ports in nearly 100 countries and regions.

China Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd., (PENAVICO)

China Shipping Agency Co., Ltd


The tally business is mainly managed by China Ocean Shipping Tally Company and includes tally and inspection of cargoes and containers shipped along domestic and international routes.

China Ocean Shipping Tally Company

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