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COSCO SHIPPING Lines Opened Route from the US Gulf Coast to Brazil

Date:2020-03-14 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

On March 11, local time, a containership carrying frozen meat, agro-products and wood from Brazil and Columbia arrived at the Port of Houston, the United States. The containership is serving on the BZX route of COSCO SHIPPING Lines. 

Opened by COSCO SHIPPING Lines in February 2020, BZX is a new route from the US Gulf Coast to Brazil which links six countries of the US, Mexico, Panama, Jamaica, Columbia and Brazil, with 3,500 TEU ships providing fast and stable service between the US Gulf Coast, the Caribbean and Brazil.

As the first practical route from North America to South America run by the company, BZX has become the artery of the shipping network spread across Central America, the Caribbean and the western regions of South America. It connects the existing regional routes, just like a necklace stringing the pearls scattered along the coast of the Americas and the Caribbean. It marks that COSCO SHIPPING Lines has built a shipping network in the Americas, which represents a significant milestone.

Currently, the company has deployed six containerships in Central America, with a total capacity of 11,800TEU. COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Central America) operates seven regional routes, supplemented with four common feeders, which are connected with nine major routes. These 20 shipping routes have built a regional shipping network in the Americas. With proven regional service capability, the company will provide higher-quality and diversified shipping services for global trade.


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