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COSCO SHIPPING Attended China Maritime Forum 2019

Date:2019-07-12 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

On July 11, the China Maritime Forum 2019 was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Vice Minister of Transport Liu Xiaoming, Mayor of Ningbo Qiu Dongyao and Chairman of COSCO SHIPPING Capt. Xu Lirong delivered keynote speeches at the forum. Former senior leaders with the Ministry of Transport, including Mr. Huang Zhendong, Mr. Li Shenglin, Mr. Hong Shanxiang, Mr. Xu Zuyuan and Mr. Gao Hongfeng, and Executive Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING Mr. Huang Xiaowen attended the main forum.

In his speech, Mr. Liu Xiaoming said remarkable achievements have been made in China’s shipping industry. China has developed an interconnected, powerful modern shipping system that reaches out to the world, five coastal port clusters (including Circum-Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta, southeast coastal areas, Pearl River Delta and southwest coastal areas), and a specialized transportation system for coal, petroleum, iron ore and containers. However, China is a big maritime country instead of a maritime power, so it is imperative to promote high-quality development of the shipping industry to upgrade the country into a maritime power.

Capt. Xu Lirong gave a speech titled Two Drivers behind High-quality Development of the Shipping Industry. He said “high-quality development of the shipping industry” is not only a common appeal of the current shipping community, but also a necessity given the global economic and trade trends. The shipping industry is closely related to the world economy. If we stick to the original model and level of development, we may face greater challengers amid drastic changes. To achieve high-quality development, Capt. Xu said, the first and foremost is to improve the hardware and ensure high-quality “resource allocation”. Since hardware resources are the foundation for industrial development, high-quality development of the shipping industry calls for the transformation and upgrading of hardware resources, including cutting excessive production capacity, pooling “scattered” resources and upgrading the “low-end” hardware. Second, it is necessary to improve the software and establish a “high-quality” business model. If resource allocation is the hardware for shipping, business model is the software. Improving software resources is also indispensable for high-quality development. Therefore, it is important to study and apply technology, demand and innovation change models. He concluded by saying that high-quality development has been an aspiration shared by the international shipping community. We should reach more consensuses, improve both the hardware and software of the shipping industry and seize the historic opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative to promote high-quality development of the shipping industry.

On April 25, 2005, the State Council decided to set every July 11 as Maritime Day of China. It is China’s only national statutory holiday approved by the State Council in the maritime field. With the theme of “Promoting High-quality Development of the Shipping Industry”, the China Maritime Forum 2019 was composed of “one main forum, four sub-forums, one parallel forum and 12 mass activities”.

During the forum, Mr. Huang Xiaowen also participated in the China Shipping 50 Forum Summer Summit and the Maritime Silk Road Port International Cooperation Forum hosted by Zhejiang Seaport Group.

On that morning, Executive Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING Mr. Yu Zenggang attended the launch ceremony of an event celebrating the Maritime Day of China in Shanghai and addressed the Yangtze River Delta Shipping Integration Development Forum with the theme of “Collaboration Promotes the Development, Innovation Achieves the Future”.

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