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Extension to 10 years cooperation of OCEAN Alliance

Date:2019-01-18 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

Hainan, January 17, 2019

OCEAN Alliance today signed documents to extend its duration to ten years, until 31st March 2027.

OCEAN Alliance has operated stably and orderly with smooth communication among all members since April 2017. All members are satisfied with the high quality of OCEAN Alliance products with comprehensive coverage, high frequency, distinct port pairs and reliable schedule.

All members are convinced that, with the confirmation of ten years cooperation, OCEAN Alliance would better cope with the challenges in the future and the Alliance will continue to be united and strong. COSCO SHIPPING Lines is looking forward to providing high quality service to the customers as always.

All members will perform necessary procedures to related regulators and ensure the operation conforms to laws and regulations.

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