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Journeying the Belt and Road Episode 7: Piracy Defense Drill

Date:2018-09-10 From:CGTV Read times: font size:[ L M S ]


From west of 65E on the Indian Ocean, to the Gulf of Aden, and south of 15N on the Red Sea is the area that ships stay alert to armed pirates.

COSCO SHIPPING Virgo conducted an exercise to fight against piracy on the Indian Ocean before it sails into the danger zone.

The crew on COSCO SHIPPING Virgo gather to conduct piracy defense drill. /CGTN Photo

The first section of the drill simulated a scenario when pirates launch an attack on the ship. Crew members use water cannons and shields to stop the pirates from boarding.

The second phase dealt with the situation after pirates board the ship. The whole crew escaped to a security cabin, where they could call for help.

The cabin is about 30 meters below the deck. There's food and water in the cabin that will allow 20 people to stay inside for at least two days.

Crew members have to climb down five floors to reach the safety cabin. /CGTN Photo

Shen Zhongyi, the ship's captain, said the piracy defense drill is crucial as it keeps the whole crew alert.

"If there's an emergency, we can contact the International Maritime Organization, or the Chinese Navy. We will ask them to come over and rescue us," Shen said.

When traveling in waters infested with piracy, vessels will increase the frequency of inspections and most of them will run on full speed.

Small boats traveling fast toward the vessel will be reported as suspected pirate ships. /CGTN Photo

CGTN reporters are traveling with COSCO SHIPPING Virgo along the maritime economic route. The reporters depart from the Port of Ningbo Zhoushan and are about to arrive at the Suez Canal. The ship will continue its journey to Hamburg.

(Cover: Crew on COSCO SHIPPING Virgo conduct a piracy defense drill. /CGTN Photo)


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