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Creating a Green Channel for CIIE: COSCO SHIPPING Lines Booking Platform Officially Launched

Date:2018-07-31 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

The 1st China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be opened in Shanghai from November 5 to 10 this year. As an international shipping service provider recommended by CIIE, COSCO SHIPPING is now making efforts  for  the new services to global exhibitors to participate in the expo. Recently, COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co., Ltd., a subsidiary under COSCO SHIPPING, has officially launched a specialized booking platform (http://expo.lines.coscoshipping.com) to create a green channel of customized exhibits shipping service for all foreign exhibitors to CIIE.
Exhibitors only need to register at the platform with their booth number and then log in to quickly activate the booking process. In just a few minutes, the exhibits could go all the way across the oceans to make their debut at the expo in China.

Diversified Services Cater to Different Needs
The booking platform is designed based on the past experience of COSCO SHIPPING in FCL shipping. Fine tuned to the characteristics of exhibits shipping, it is the first online booking platform of COSCO SHIPPING that can provide LCL shipping service.
After logging in, the exhibitors may choose between FCL and LCL shipping according to their own needs when filling in the booking information.
Under an open business mode, the platform also supports the inclusion of third-party logistics solutions so as to coordinate with third-party logistics service providers in seamless total shipping services to the clients. The flexible and diversified service options perfectly fit in with the characteristics of exhibits transport solutions.
Moreover, COSCO SHIPPING has also established systematic connections with the customs to push the cargo shipping information in real time so that the customs can effectively monitor the cargos to realize faster customs clearance and smooth services.

Dynamic Tracking Offers Accurate Cargo Shipping Information
After logging in, the exhibitors can enter their booth or booking numbers to learn more details about the logistics arrangements made by COSCO SHIPPING for their cargos, including the confirmed booking number, container number, shipping schedule of the vessels, customer service contact information, as well as the supplemental logistics solutions to the shipping of special exhibits.
During the shipping process, the exhibitors can enter the booth or booking numbers to keep track of the current cargo shipping status, such as whether the cargos are in the warehouse, at the terminal, on the ship or on the truck, or whether they are being picked up, packed into containers, loaded on the ship, or distributed. The exhibitors may also browse the detailed information of the entire shipping process.
To create better customer experiences, the customer service team of COSCO SHIPPING will also send the booking and shipping information to the exhibitors through email to ensure that they can always keep track of the shipping status of the exhibits.
Effective Coordination for Fast Service
As the world’s first international import expo, CIIE invites the participation of various countries around the globe to co-build this grand event and attain shared development. The booking platform is open to exhibitors worldwide, aiming to achieve full coverage of the booking service through the synergistic efforts inside and outside China, as well as online and offline.
Through several rounds of testing and adjustments, COSCO SHIPPING has speed up the booking service network for regional markets. In the regions with inconvenient network connections such as West Asia, Central Europe, South America and Africa, it now only takes fewer than 10 seconds to open the homepage of the booking platform. For the regions with less internet access , COSCO SHIPPING will also put the shipping needs on file, while working together with the logistics service team to pay close attention to the client needs in these regions and provide targeted services at anytime.
Whether it is world-known business giants, or emerging companies that are coming to the fore, they are all preparing carefully to make an impressive appearance at the expo. But how can they get the exhibits delivered to the National Exhibition and Convention Center in China safe and quick? The booking platform provides a solution. It is a key measure taken by COSCO SHIPPING to provide quality booking services to exhibitors around the world, based on its powerful strength in transport and responsible customer service personnel, and by giving full play to the advantage of big data and cooperating closely with various parties involved.
As the expo is approaching, COSCO SHIPPING will continue to improve the platform functions to better satisfy the needs of exhibitors, and take this opportunity to further enhance its import transport service brand to create greater value for global clients.

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