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COSCO SHIPPING Vessel Carried German Taurus Vertical Bridge Type Milling Machine to Shanghai

Date:2018-10-11 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

On October 9, the first batch of exhibits to be displayed at the China International Import Expo (CIIE), carried by a COSCO SHIPPING vessel, arrived in Shanghai. These exhibits were transported by M.V. COSCO SPAIN, a 13,000 TEU vessel, from Hamburg, Germany on September 8 and travelled along the Far East-Northwest Europe route before arriving at the Guandong Terminal at Shanghai’s Yangshan Deep-Water Port a month later. It was the first overseas shipment order received by COSCO SHIPPING for the inaugural CIIE.

The Taurus vertical bridge type milling machine from German company Waldrich Coburg, an oversized and overweight exhibit, was among the first batch of goods and distributed in 12 containers of different types. According to the machine tool manufacturer, Taurus is a latest R&D achievement of the company. Being 20 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 8 meters high, the machine covers a space of 200 square meters and weighs nearly 200 tons. Showing up at the CIIE will be its debut in China, thus receiving substantial media attention.

The food exhibits from the Philippines which arrived at the port not long ago revealed COSCO SHIPPING’s efficient shipment arrangement, consolidation and distribution. Transportation of these industrial exhibits, which features longer distance, larger volume of individual exhibits, and higher inland storage, transportation and packing requirements, further showcases the excellent organization and implementation of the Corporation – an international transportation service provider officially recommended by CIIE – along the whole transportation process.

In the last 27 days before the opening of CIIE, a wide variety of exhibits will be carried by COSCO SHIPPING from all over the world to bring more surprises to global audiences while giving a stronger, sustained boost to exhibitors’ sharing of opportunities in the thriving Chinese market.

On October 1, the first batch of CIIE exhibits from Indonesia were loaded. Shipment started the next day and is expected to arrive in Shanghai on October 15. The eight Indonesian exhibitors COSCO SHIPPING serves are all food companies. By bringing local specialties, such as coffee, cocoa powder, biscuits and souvenirs, they expect to open up the huge Chinese market.

On September19, the first group of exhibits from Belgium were shipped by CSCL URANUS 0067E, which is scheduled to arrive in Shanghai on October 16. These exhibits are owned by The Anchor Group, a membership-based international trade consultancy aiming to promote trade by providing its members with extensive cross-cultural, trans-regional support. The exhibits are from 12 members under the Group.


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